10 Best Acoustic Guitar Amps: Review & Buying Guide

Best Acoustic Guitar Amps

Although an acoustic guitar has an outstanding sound, sometimes it’s not enough. So as you take your acoustic guitar to the stage for a gig or a studio recording, you must add one of the best acoustic guitar amps. 

These amps amplify the sound of your acoustic guitar and allow you to add amazing effects like a reverb or chorus to cater to your needs as a guitar player. Several models come in a wide budget range to suit beginners and more professional players. 

In this article, we’ll review 10 of the best acoustic guitar amplifiers and highlight the features you must consider before buying one. So, keep reading. 

The Best Guitar Amps for Acoustic Guitars

Whether you’re busking or planning a gig with your friends, an amplifier for your acoustic guitar will be your best friend. It can help you discover a new dimension with your guitar, creating room for more freedom and creativity. Here are some of the best choices on the market. 

Fender Acoustasonic 15 – Best for Beginners

Best for Beginners
Fender Acoustasonic 15
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07/19/2024 05:02 am GMT

The Fender Acoustatonic 15 is an impressive entry-level amp. It’s excellent and portable for practice and small gigs.


  • Total Power: 15W
  • Inputs: 1 x 1/4, 1 x XLR
  • Effects: Chorus
  • Weight: 10.5lb

Product Summary

This acoustic guitar amp is easy to set up, which makes it a good choice for first-time users. In addition, it’s lightweight and designed to deliver the guitar’s natural tone. 

Features and Benefits

With a 6″ full-range speaker, the Fender Acoustasonic comes with XLR Mic and 1/4″ Instrument inputs with separate controls. Despite its weight and size, it’s a small solid-state model with 15 watts of power to give it an edge. It even comes with a unique whizzer cone to improve high-frequency tones. 

This amp provides strong projection without overpowering the vocals and delivers amazing bottom-end and mid-range tones. The chorus effect is an excellent addition, and you can also connect your headphones for more private practice.  

The EQ performs well in low, mid, and high-range frequencies, and the chorus effect will sweeten up your chords. However, this only applies to the 2-channel guitar input, so you won’t have control over the EQ vocals. 

This amp is a decent choice if you’re on a tight budget and want to practice for your first live gig. It’s portable, lightweight, and delivers what you expect from a beginner-friendly guitar amp, but there’s no AUX to play backing tracks. The EQ vocal controls and effects are limited. 

Who It Is Good for and Who It Is Not Good For

It’s a good choice for students, first-time players, practice, and small gigs, providing enough power to fill a room. Using this amp, you’ll be able to set up your first live performance. However, it’s unsuitable for professional players who need more effects or power for larger gigs.


  • Budget-friendly choice
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Enough power to fill a small room
  • Easy to set up for beginners
  • Delivers different sound ranges with satisfactory performance 


  • Lacks some of the effects you would need as you become an advanced player
  • No AUX socket or vocal EQ control

Boss Acoustic Singer Live LT 60 – Best for Solo Performers

Best for Solo Performers
BOSS Acoustic Singer Live LT Guitar Amp (ACS-LIVELT)
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07/19/2024 05:10 am GMT

A bi-amp that represents a new version of a previously successful model introduced in 2017 with more features and better accessibility. 


  • Total Power: 60W Bi-amped
  • Inputs: 1 x XLR (mic), 1 x 1/4″ (instrument), 1 x 1/8″ TRS (stereo aux in)
  • Effects: Reverb, delay/chorus (guitar), and delay/echo (mic)
  • Weight: 22.5lb

Product Summary

This bi-amp amplifier features a new technology to give more defined acoustic sounds. In addition, it allows you to record your guitar, granting you a chance to improve your level as a guitar player. 

Features and Benefits

The Boss Acoustic Singer Live LT 60 is your best friend as a solo performer with 60 watts of power, enough to fill the room if you’re playing at a small club. It offers delay and reverb effects for vocals and delay and chorus for the guitar channels, with a user-friendly design that you won’t struggle much to get used to. 

It has several inputs for your mic and an AUX input for backing tracks, with no compromise to the sound quality. The 6.5″ woofer and 1″ high-frequency tweeter in a 2-way speaker system give you the details of a PA system with warm and natural sound and full EQ features for both channels. 

Moreover, there’s an anti-feedback knob to control the offending frequencies. In addition, it connects to the computer components via USB to create a performance that can live forever as you can record your performance. 

Who It Is Good for and Who It Is Not Good For

This amp is an excellent choice for someone looking for a PA system, but it’s more accessible and easily transported. It works for amateur and more professional performers, as you can record your music and connect a mic for vocals. On the other hand, it might be out of budget if you’re a beginner guitar player. 


  • Compact amp with PA-system features
  • Connects to the mic and a recorder
  • Features delay and chorus for the guitar and delay and echo for the mic, with a reverb effect for both
  • A USB interface for your DAW 
  • Consistent and bright results across its volume range


Doesn’t come with a rechargeable battery for outdoor performance

Yamaha THR5A – Most Versatile

Most Versatile
Yamaha THR5 Mini Acoustic Guitar Amplifier
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07/19/2024 05:05 am GMT

The Yamaha THR5A is a compact, portable recording amp for aspiring acoustic guitarists. 


  • Total Power: 10W
  • Inputs: 1 x 1/4″, 1 x 1/8″ (Stereo)
  • Effects: Reverb, delay, chorus, and compression with additional mic and amp effects
  • Weight: 4.4lb

Product Summary

The Yamaha THR5A is a battery-powered portable amp that simulates the originality of tube condenser mics with the versatility of studio-grade effects for a budget-friendly price. 

Features and Benefits

This lightweight and portable combo classic features a retro design and houses two 3-inch speakers, with 5W per speaker, which is an excellent volume for practice. Using the AUX, you can make the best of these speakers by playing backing tracks from your phone or computer. 

As a modeling amp, this one is versatile with amazing built-in effects, thanks to the computer chips. In addition, it offers a new technology that Yamaha calls virtual Virtual Circuitry Modeling, which offers five different mic and amp simulations to create different styles and effects. So, you can choose between condenser, tube, nylon, dynamic, and a clean electric guitar setting, and then you can select the effects and reverb. 

At the same time, the amp can be set to clean, crunch, lead, brit hi, and modern. Moreover, it offers four different reverb setting with the built-in FX to provide the best sounds. 

You can connect it to your computer to record your music, as it comes with easy-to-use software to get you started. It also comes with a built-in tuner and a socket for your headphones. It will run for six hours using eight AA batteries, but it lacks an EQ, so adjusting the treble and bass isn’t possible. 

Who It Is Good for and Who It Is Not Good For

This amp is an excellent and versatile choice for all guitarists, and being battery-powered makes it an ideal choice if you’re on the go. Yet, if you’re still a first-time player, you might need some time to discover its full potential. At the same time, its compact design might not make it quite giggable, as more impressive designs are on the market. 


  • Battery-powered compact model
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Can be used for recording and allows you to play backing tracks
  • Modeling amp with various effects


  • Design isn’t giggable
  • It doesn’t come with an onboard EQ to adjust treble and bass

Roland AC-33 – Best for Stage Performances

Best for Stage Performances
Roland AC-33 30-watt Battery Powered Portable Acoustic Amp - Rosewood
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07/19/2024 05:10 am GMT

The Roland AC-33 is what you need to get the best of your investment in quality acoustic guitars. It’s a plug-and-play amp that turns into a mini PA and can be battery-powered. 


  • Total Power: 30W and 20W if battery-operated
  • Inputs: 2 x 1/4″, 1 x XLR, 1 x 1/8″ (aux), 2 x RCA
  • Effects: Reverb, chorus, and loop
  • Weight: 10.36lb

Product Summary

The Roland AC-33 provides enough sound for a small to medium venue with two speakers in an elegant and compact design. It has a built-in EQ to ensure your tones won’t be muddy and is an excellent choice for busking and playing in live and outdoor performances, as it can be battery-powered. 

Features and Benefits

You can take this elegant, compact, and battery-powered amp to play your music anywhere, and it comes with two inputs and three high-quality EQ options, turning it into a mini PA. Moreover, it features a wide range of chorus levels, from simple to 3D shimmering. You can also plug in your music using the AUX portal and record practice sessions. 

It has a knob for reverb and ambiance and a second channel with a unique anti-feedback knob that works mainly when connecting a vocal and a guitar to the amp to remove unwanted resonance and squeals in enclosed areas. 

Although it comes with a looper, if you’re into looping, you might not be satisfied with this amp as it offers 40-second loops. Yet, it would be great for practice, teaching, and busking purposes. 

Who It Is Good for and Who It Is Not Good For

Thanks to the outstanding effects and EQ features, this amp can work for multiple indoor and outdoor venues. In addition, the anti-feedback feature will improve the sound quality, especially when playing vocals with your guitar. However, for its price, this amp might be out of budget for a beginner. Also, the looping feature isn’t impressive if you’re really into looping. 


  • Compact and elegant design
  • AC and battery-powered operation
  • AUX portal for backing tracks
  • Several effects, EQ adjustments, and an anti-feedback feature


  • Without adjusting the EQ, it can be a little muddy in enclosed spaces
  • The looping feature isn’t that impressive

Fender Acoustic 100 – Best for Studio Use

Best for Studio Use
Fender Acoustic 100 - 100-watt Acoustic Amp
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07/19/2024 05:11 am GMT

With two identical channels on the top plate, the Fender Acoustic 100 is a sleek take on a classical design, supporting multiple combinations of guitars and mics to help you customize your setup. 


  • Total Power: 100W
  • Inputs: 2 x XLR-1/4″ combo (mic/instrument), 1 x 1/8″ (aux)
  • Effects: Vibratone, chorus, delay, and tape echo with room and hall reverb
  • Weight: 17.6lbs

Product Summary

This is one of the most stylish-looking solid-state amps, featuring a sleek design and plywood construction. It comes with an integrated handle for outdoor gigs. 

Features and Benefits

Once you hit the stage with the Fender Acoustic 100, you’ll enjoy a naturally amplified tone while enjoying backing tracks from the AUX or Bluetooth-enabled devices. In addition, it provides a polished performance that you can easily record to your computer via USB. 

Thanks to the 100 watts of power, this amp provides more punch than most beginner-level models. In addition, it comes with two 8″ full-range whizzer cone speakers, which help reproduce the higher tones more effectively in studio recordings. There’s also a footswitch to deactivate the effects, which is helpful while you’re on stage.

The two channels are identical and come with different volume and effects controls. This feature will be a big plus if you want to start a small home studio. In addition, it comes with two outputs to connect to your headphones for practice and another to connect to the PA system during a gig. 

Given the amp’s price, it might not be the best option for everyone. It might produce some feedback, but with a few adjustments, it will be as perfect as you expect an amp to be. 

Who It Is Good for and Who It Is Not Good For

The Fender Acoustic 100 will work for all amateur and professional guitarists, especially during practice sessions and gigs. You can connect two different guitars for a studio or live performance and adjust each one individually for a lively soundscape. However, if you’re on a tight budget or tend to play solo, it might not work for you. 


  • Stylish design with impressive features
  • High power to support your guitar and mic
  • Backing tracks can be played via AUX or Bluetooth
  • Reproduces higher tones more effectively
  • Footswitch to shut off effects during performances


  • More expensive than other models
  • Might produce some feedback 

Mesa/Boogie California Tweed 2:20 – Premium Pick

Premium Pick
Mesa/Boogie California Tweed 2:20 1 x 10-inch Tube Combo
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This is a vintage-style tube amp with three power levels in a compact yet robust design. 


  • Total Power: 20W with incremental decreases up to 1W
  • Inputs: 2 x 1/4″ (normal/low)
  • Effects: Series FX loop and buffered
  • Weight: 26.4lbs

Product Summary

This grab-and-go amp is the latest addition to a series of vintage-style tweed amps. Without the limitations of a vintage amp, this one offers impressive features like a tube-driven spring reverb and a series of effects, in addition to capable four-band EQ features to bridge the gap between a vintage-style amp and a handy modern machine. 

Features and Benefits

The Mesa Boogie California Tweed 2:20 offers incremental multi-watt technology, making your amp suitable for small, medium, and large-scale gigs. It features two 6V6s for smooth highs and natural tube compression, and the single channel offers standard and low inputs with a complete EQ section with gain, treble, bass, middle, presence, and master controls. 

It features a 10-inch speaker with the company’s exclusive Reinforced Alnico magnet technology for natural lows, firm mids, and specifically shiny highs, making this an excellent guitar for high-end tones. As a result, this amp will be a good choice for rock, country, jazz, and other types of music, with detailed our-band EQ features. The fully-buffered tube section offers modulation and time-based effects, with a footswitch for all reverb effects. 

Once you activate the reverb and increase the volume on this amp, you might get some unwanted noise because the springs are close to the speaker. However, keeping the reverb low will solve this issue. 

The reverb knob is located at the back, so fixing it might be a pain. Moreover, it lacks USB and AUX features, and the price tag might turn off some beginner users. 

Who It Is Good for and Who It Is Not Good For

This amp balances a vintage-style tube amp and a modern one with fine-tuning capabilities and built-in EQ features. It excels at reproducing the highest notes with no noise, making it a decent choice for many amateur and professional musicians. However, it won’t work if you’re on a tight budget or want to play backing tracks because it lacks the AUX feature. 


  • Vintage-style amp with modern capabilities
  • Incremental power choices for various playing options
  • 6V6s with natural tube compressions
  • Reproducing highs with reduced noise


  • More expensive than other models
  • No AUX to play backing tracks

Fishman Loudbox Mini – Best for Small Gigs

Best for Small Gigs
Fishman Loudbox Mini BT 60-Watt 1x6.5 Inches Acoustic Combo
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07/19/2024 05:12 am GMT

This small acoustic amp offers fantastic features for playing in small gigs, doubling as a mini PA. 


  • Total Power: 60W
  • Inputs: 1 x 1/4″, 1 x XLR (mic), 1 x 1/8″ (aux), 1 x 1/4″ (aux)
  • Effects: Digital reverb and chorus
  • Weight: 21lb

Product Summary

With Bluetooth connectivity and AUX, this portable acoustic amp is an excellent choice for small gigs and practice sessions. It offers 60 watts of power, a 6.5-inch speaker, and a 2-channel design with various controls to create the perfect music combo. 

Features and Benefits

This amp provides impressive power for its size, allowing you to fill a big room, despite being a compact model. You get to adjust the chorus and reverb for your guitar and the channel and reverb for your mic if you want to add some vocals. The guitar channel has a phase switch to avoid feedback at lower ends. 

It has a 3-band EQ built-in reverb with a chorus effect, adding emotions for a richer experience during gigs. You also get gain and EQ controls for the mic channel and a master volume for the whole amplifier. 

Pairing up this amp with several devices is one of the best features for wireless playback between sets or as you take over gigs. There’s a direct XLR output to feed into a PA or a recorder without connecting a mic. Yet, some effects, especially the chorus, can sound too artificial. The distortion is more apparent in the vocals, but you can easily overcome it with fine-tuning. 

Who It Is Good for and Who It Is Not Good For

The Fishman Loudbox Mini works for first-time professionals who want a capable machine as it’s easy to set up. It allows you to play backing tracks and adjust your guitar and mic performance by adding several effects. However, the chorus might sound a bit digital. Moreover, the vocal effects aren’t that impressive, so it will work best if you’re not planning to sing along. 


  • Impressive power output, given the amp’s size and price
  • Helps you avoid feedback at the lower ends
  • Portable enough to be used at several venues
  • Bluetooth and AUX connectivity options


  • Some of the effects might sound unnatural
  • The vocal effects are less impressive than the instrumental ones

Orange Crush Acoustic 30 – Best for Portability

Best for Portability
Orange Crush Acoustic 30 30-watt 1x8" Acoustic Combo
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07/19/2024 05:12 am GMT

With the familiar and popular Orange style, the Crush Acoustic 30 offers various unique features in a portable yet reliable design. 


  • Total Power: 30W
  • Inputs: 1 x 1/4″, 1 x XLR-1/4″ combo, 1 x 1/8″ (aux)
  • Effects: Chorus and reverb
  • Weight: 13.5lb

Product Summary

This portable amp can run on electricity or batteries for all practice, busking, and gigging purposes. The tilt-back cabinet and the high-quality 8-inch speaker produce rich and balanced tones. 

Features and Benefits

The Orange Crush Acoustic 30 offers terrific audio and visual features to add a new dimension to your gigs. Thanks to the AUX port, you can play backing tracks, and the pre and post-EQ controls will allow you to fine-tune your music as you send them to a mixing board

With the 30 watt-power, the amp gives you tools to adjust and monitor your performance with a robust 8-inch speaker. It features two channels, with a 3-band EQ and color switch to add some presence and a 2-band EQ for the vocals. In addition, the reverb and chorus effects can be shared between channels. 

Thanks to the global notch filter, it eliminates the risk of squeals with higher notes, which most guitarists struggle with. It also has a time-based effects loop for digital delays and reverbs, allowing you to experiment with various options to achieve the desired tones. 

The ability playback for up to eight hours on ten AA batteries when played at the lowest volume suggests that investing in rechargeable ones is necessary. Some newbies might struggle to understand what the knobs are for, as icons mark them. Moreover, the vocals might sound boxy, especially at the highs. 

Who It Is Good for and Who It Is Not Good For

This Orange amp allows you to customize your music, creating the perfect reverb and combo for small gigs and busking sessions. However, due to the questionable quality of the vocals, there might be better options if you want to sing along with your music. 


  • Portable design that runs on electricity or batteries
  • Effects can be shared between the instrument and the mic
  • Notch filter brings more clarity to low-end sounds


  • Needs rechargeable batteries if you use it on the go
  • The icons on the controls can be confusing
  • The vocals quality isn’t that impressive

Fender Acoustasonic 40 – Best for Singer-Songwriters

Best for Singer-Songwriters
Fender Acoustasonic 40
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07/19/2024 05:12 am GMT

The Fender Acoustasonic 40 is a remarkable amp for guitarists and singers at an affordable price. 


  • Total Power: 40W
  • Inputs: 2 x XLR-1/4″ combo (mic/instrument), 1 x 1/8″ (aux)
  • Effects: Digital hall reverb
  • Weight: 16.5lb

Product Summary

This grab-and-go amp comes with two channels and two 6.5-inch speakers to satisfy the needs of guitarists, songwriters, and singers. It offers 40 watts of power for small and medium-sized gigs, and it’s pretty straightforward to set up, so a beginner can use it with no issues. 

Features and Benefits

This versatile amp features a classic ’70s design and will bring out the best in your acoustic and even electric guitars at a competitive price point with two 6.5-inch full-range whizzer cones. It has two channels for your guitar and vocals, with chorus and reverb. These features help to eliminate dryness when you’re playing and singing at the same time. 

With a 40-watt output, this solid-state amp will provide enough power to fill a medium to small-sized venue, and you can directly connect it to a PA or FOH. It also connects to any AUX device to play your backing tracks. 

Adjusting the volume for your vocals and guitar is done separately, so your vocals aren’t overpowering. With this power, having a rechargeable battery pack would have been a plus, even if the manufacturer had to raise the price slightly. Although it might not look as aesthetically pleasing as other options, it’s still a great buy. 

Who It Is Good for and Who It Is Not Good For

This amp will work for you if you want to go beyond the entry-level practice amps, write your songs, or practice playing with a fellow singer. It’s compact and lightweight, so it’s a portable option for several venues. However, it might not work for you if you need something on the go because it’s not battery-operated. 


  • Compact design with an affordable price
  • Two channels and multiple inputs with an AUX port for backing tracks
  • Enough power to fill a small or medium-sized venue
  • Chorus and reverb for each of its two channels


  • It lacks the battery-operated option
  • Not the most stylish choice

Blackstar Acoustic: Core 30 – Best for Home Practice

Best for Home Practice
Blackstar Acoustic:Core 30 2x15-watt 2x5" Combo Amp
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07/19/2024 05:12 am GMT

The affordable yet capable Blackstar Acoustic: Core 30 is an excellent choice for home rehearsals as you become more confident with your practice. 


  • Total Power: 30W
  • Inputs: 1 x 1/4″, 1 x XLR-1/4″ combo, 1 x 1/8″ (aux)
  • Effects: Reverb and chorus
  • Weight: 16lb

Product Summary

Monitoring your performance is one of the best keys to successful practice, and with the Blackstar Acoustic: Core 30, you’ll be able to tweak your instruments and record your music, thanks to the USB port.

Features and Benefits

This amp features two channels with a gain feature for the instrument and switchable 3-band EQ options to adjust the low, mids, and highs separately. The enhanced control allows you to spread the sound better, while the chorus option adds a vintage touch to your music. Yet, the EQ mid-range is only available for the vocals. 

It comes with a line or MP3 input for jamming, and you can also tilt it back to act as a monitor. However, with the MP3 input, you need a 3-pole jack to get a dry feed from either channels or a stereo mix played directly on your phone or record your performance for practice. 

The two 5-inch speakers are big enough to fill your room during practice or studio performance but might be disappointing at the lows. For busking, you can buy a power bank which gives you a few hours of playback time. Moreover, there’s a footswitch option for your live performances. 

Who It Is Good for and Who It Is Not Good For

It’s a good choice for entry-level guitarists, hobbyists, and those who enjoy busking and small gigs. It’s a portable option, but it won’t work for you if you want a battery-operated amp unless you buy the power bank. Moreover, the power output won’t work for a bigger venue. 


  • Compact and affordable amp
  • Straightforward controls
  • Separate EQ and effects controls


  • It’s not battery-operated
  • You’ll have to buy a cable to use the MP3 option

How to Choose the Best Acoustic Guitar Amp

Although acoustic guitars can be used without amplifications, plugging an amp will allow you to connect a mic and practice your music, expanding the features of your instrument. Choosing the best amp can be challenging, so you should first learn about the types of guitar amps on the market. 

Types of Guitar Amp

Three types of acoustic guitar amps are available, and each is suitable for specific purposes. 

Tube Amps

These amps use tubes or valves to amplify the electric signal from an instrument or a mic. As a result, they’re characterized by being smoother and more responsive, and you can adjust the music produced by adding a high-gain pedal. 

Tube amps are more sensitive and louder, so they will work for gigs where you want your acoustic guitar to shine. However, as you increase the volume, some amps are prone to more distortion. 

Solid-State Amps

Solid-state amps came to overcome the shortcomings of tube amps, as they’re more reliable. These amps use transistors to amplify the signals from the guitar. In addition, they’re more durable and cheaper than tube amps, so they’ll work for beginner and entry-level musicians on a tight budget. 

A solid-state amp is suitable for musicians who need clean and undistorted sounds. It’s lightweight, portable, and can offer amazing features. However, they’re not as versatile and won’t produce the heavy distortion some guitarists prefer. 

Modeling/Digital Amps

These amps use digital circuitry while relying on computer chips, so they’re lightweight and portable. A modeling amp recreates the sound of a tube amp with less distortion, allowing you to save your favorite EQ and effects combinations. 

However, these amps are usually more expensive than other types because they have more built-in effects. They’re also more durable and reliable than different amp types. 

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Factors to Consider

There are several factors to consider when shopping for an acoustic guitar amp. 


You need to set the price range when you’re looking for a new acoustic guitar amp. Buying an amp that provides good value for money with the essential features you need is crucial. 

Beginners and entry-level guitarists can find many amazing amps at affordable prices. Yet, if you’re willing to pay extra, you can get an amp with more effects and EQ controls. You can also get a battery-operated option for outdoor performances. 


When buying an acoustic guitar amp, you need to think carefully about what you’re willing to buy it for. Most entry-level amps are suitable for home practice, but if you’re looking for something that works for gigs and busking, you should invest in a more powerful amp. 

Some amps also have a recording option that allows you to monitor and improve performance. For those who travel, battery-operated amps will work best. 

Music Genre and Style

The type of amp you pick depends on the music style you’re interested in. Some amps, like tube amps, are versatile enough to be used with any music genre, from metal to country. However, with the invention of solid-state amps, distortions at lower ranges became no longer an issue. 

For music genres where producing a natural sound is crucial, tube amps will work best. Digital or modeling amps will eliminate distortions, but you shouldn’t get overboard with this feature, as the music produced can be unnatural. 

Some effects are more prominent in certain music styles, so you should ensure that your amps provide them. For rock, high-gain tones are the priority, while the clarity of clean tones at higher volumes is crucial for playing jazz or blues music. For country music, using compressions is a must. 

Power and Wattage

When comparing different amps, you should consider the power output and compare it to where and how you plan to use your amp. Powerful amps with high wattage can fill up a big venue. This also means you’ll have to spend more cash and probably pick a heavier model. Using your amp for home practice might not be an issue. 

You should also pay attention to how your amp performs at low and high volumes. It’s no use to buy an amp that you can crank up but with heavy distortion and noise. 

Speaker Size and Configuration

Bigger speakers can sound louder, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they sound better. When comparing different amps with similar features, picking bigger speakers will result in warmer tones, while smaller speakers will sound the thinnest and brightest. 

You should also compare combo amps containing the speaker and the amp in a single unit, separate head amps with no speakers, and cabinet amps containing only the speakers. Combo amps are plug-and-play and are easy to set up, so they work for beginners. If you only want to connect your amp to your computer, then a separate head amp will work better. 

Additional Features

Several features can help you pick the right amp for your upcoming gig. These include built-in effects like chorus and reverb effects. Recording and looping are good for practice and busking purposes and will prove useful even when you record your live performances during gigs. 

You should also examine the connectivity options of your amp. Having an AUX connection means that you can play backing tracks during your live performances. Bluetooth connectivity is another cool feature; you won’t need cables to play those tracks. 


What Is the Best Wattage for an Acoustic Guitar Amp?

For gigs, busking, and small to medium-sized venues, having 50 to 60W of power is usually enough. You can go for 100W if you’re planning to play with a big band, but you’ll get away with 10 to 30W if you’re only planning to use your amp for home practice. 

What Are the Features of a Good Acoustic Guitar Amp?

Acoustic guitarists are all about creating clean and natural sounds, so choosing an amp that provides warmer tones and eliminates distortion will be necessary. 

Wrap Up

Using an acoustic guitar amp can literally bring out the best of your music performance. Our list contains amazing options for acoustic and vocal performances with built-in features that cater to the needs of beginner and professional guitarists. 

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