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Best Guitar Tab Websites

5 Best Guitar Tab Websites

If you’re a guitar player who learns best by actually playing songs, then guitar tablature can be your best friend if used properly.  Guitar tabs can be a great way to learn new songs quickly, especially if you’re a beginner since they make the music easy to visualize. The best part is that guitar tabs …

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Can You Use a Guitar Amp for Bass

Can You Use a Guitar Amp for Bass?

If you’re a guitar player, then there’s a good chance that you’ve also considered dabbling in bass guitar at some point since they’re so similar. Whether you’re recording a song and need to add some simple bass lines, or you’re just trying to learn a new instrument, you’ll probably end up purchasing a bass guitar …

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Is Bass Easier Than Guitar

Is Bass Easier Than Guitar?

If you want to play a musical instrument and you can’t decide between the bass and the guitar, then you have some thinking (and research) to do! The two are very much alike and are both examples of string instruments. Technically-speaking, they are played the same way, except that the bass has two fewer strings …

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