Who Plays Taylor Guitars: 7 Famous Taylor Guitar Players

Who Plays Taylor Guitars

Taylor is one of the largest guitar producers in the United States. It is probably the most well-known manufacturer of acoustic and semi-acoustic guitars, although it also has electric guitar lines. 

As an established name, Taylor has found admirers among the general public and well-known musicians like Taylor Swift and Jason Mraz. Zac Brown, lead singer of the band that goes by his name, is also an avid Taylor guitar user.

This article will mention some of the biggest names that have used Taylor guitars extensively.

List of Famous Artists Who Play Taylor Guitars

Many notable artists have used Taylor guitars throughout their careers. Some of those artists have officially collaborated with Taylor to design guitars, while others prefer these guitars because of their superior sound and overall quality. 

As you will notice below, most artists that use Taylors are understandably pop, country, indie, and folk artists. As Taylor is well-known for its acoustic guitars, most rock n roll, blues, and jazz players gravitate toward other brands that specialize in electric guitars.

Taylor: Some Background Info

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Taylor is one of the most reputable acoustic guitar brands in the industry delivering high-quality, innovative instruments for players of all skill levels.

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Taylor began as a small guitar shop with another name, where Bob Taylor used to work at the beginning of the 1970s, along with other employees. In 1974, when the previous owner sold the business, Taylor and two other employees bought the place and named it Taylor.

Bob Taylor was an expert in guitar design and building, creating high-quality but affordable guitars of all kinds. His designs soon became quite popular among amateurs and professionals alike, making Taylor an established name alongside other heavyweight names in the guitar manufacturing industry.

Taylor is credited with several innovations in the acoustic guitar industry, as the experts in the company were constantly experimenting with different materials and designs. For instance, Taylor has its patented neck design and pickup systems. 

Nowadays, Taylor employs hundreds of employees in two massive factories, having become one of the largest acoustic guitar producers in the country. They are well known for their innovative designs, great-sounding guitars, and a wide range of prices that make their instruments affordable for all skill levels and budgets.

Throughout the last few decades, as Taylor grew, they started to consult with expert guitarists to create signature guitars. Dozens of well-known artists have used Taylor guitars extensively, especially their acoustic ones.

Taylor Swift

The most well-known loyal Taylor player in the world is Taylor Swift. Swift is arguably the most prominent artist on the planet right now, breaking records after almost two decades after she became a household name in the industry. She often performs and writes songs using her guitars and uses almost exclusively Taylor guitars for her acoustic sets.

One of the first guitars that Taylor Swift used was a Taylor, the Baby Taylor. In 2009, Taylor created a special edition of this model called Taylor Swift Baby Taylor in her honor. Swift has also used a Taylor GS6, the famous guitar covered in Swarovski crystals, a Taylor T5 and a 614CE Grand Auditorium.

Taylor Swift started as a country singer, breaking records from a young age. She later transitioned to pop and experimented with indie-folk, creating critically acclaimed and commercially successful albums. She plays several instruments, including the guitar, piano, banjo, and ukulele.

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Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz is another popular singer who has used Taylor guitars almost exclusively to write, record, and perform songs. Like Swift, he is a fan of Taylor guitars and has played several models throughout his career. He is an official Taylor ambassador and has collaborated with the company to design guitars.

The product of Mraz’s collaboration with Taylor is the Taylor JMSM Jason Mraz Signature, an electric acoustic guitar that Mraz uses during most of his performances. However, Mraz has used several other models, like the Taylor DN8, T5 Custom Thinline, and GS Mini-e Bass.

Jason Mraz became popular in the mainstream when his song “The Remedy (Don’t Worry)” became a hit at the beginning of the 2000s. He has remained a popular name in the last decades, creating other hits like “I’m Yours” and “I Won’t Give Up”. He always performs with an instrument; he prefers the guitar in most cases, but he has also played the piano on certain occasions.

Zac Brown

Zac Brown, the lead singer, and founder of the Zac Brown band is another notable Taylor guitar player. He and his band are also official brand ambassadors, having used Taylor guitars extensively throughout their career. 

Several band members have played Taylor guitars at some point, but the lead singer is well-known for his preference for these instruments. Zac Brown has played the Baby Taylor and the T3, 612CE, and 614CE. Occasionally, Brown has also played the Taylor NS74CE and Taylor 910.

The Zac Brown band was founded in the early 2000s and has since become an established name in country rock and reggae. Popular songs from this band include “Chicken Fried”, “Colder Weather”, and “As She’s Walking Away”. This band has won three Grammy awards and has been nominated for several others.

Dave Matthews

Dave Matthews is another well-known Taylor guitar fan. As the founder and lead singer of the Dave Matthews Band, he constantly performs with both acoustic and electric guitars. Matthews used Taylor guitars exclusively for about two decades between the end of the 1990s and the beginning of the 2010s. 

Dave Matthews’ favorite guitar was probably the Taylor  914CE, which he constantly used to write, record, and perform music throughout his career. Additionally, Matthews collaborated with Taylor on his signature guitar, the Taylor DMSM 914ce Dave Matthews Signature, which he also uses in several performances.

Matthews is best known as the vocalist for his band, the Dave Matthews Band, probably the most popular rock-jazz fusion band in the United States. Some of the most famous songs of DMB are  “What Would You Say”,  “I Did It”, and “Dreamgirl”. The band has been nominated for and won several awards, including a Grammy.

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Katy Perry 

Taylor is a favorite among some of the biggest pop stars of the last couple of decades. Katy Perry is another pop star who has played Taylors extensively throughout her career. Perry grew up playing the guitar and often performed songs while playing this instrument on stage.

Perry has been a Fan of Taylor guitars ever since she started performing, as she had used several models from the beginning of her career when she used to play in small venues around 2007 before she became a global superstar. She has played the Taylor 114CE acoustic and a Taylor T5-S Electric Guitar.

Katy Perry started singing and playing her guitar at a young age. She became a breakout pop star in 2008, with her hit album, “One of the Boys”. Her next albums became certified hits, breaking records and winning several awards. Although most people may know her for her upbeat pop songs and choreographies, Perry also performs ballads using her acoustic guitars during live performances

Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes is yet another pop sensation that seems to prefer Taylor guitars. Mendes always performs with his acoustic guitar, which he has played since childhood. He is a known ambassador of Taylor guitars, which he plays during his live shows and television performances. He also uses these guitars to write and record his music in the studio.

Throughout his career, Mendes has used several Taylor models on stage and in the studio. His favorite Taylor guitars include the Taylor 410CE, 210CE, and 812 CE. Regarding electric guitars, Mendes doesn’t seem to have a favorite brand. 

Shawn Mendes started his career on Youtube in the early 2010s and is one of the most famous stars who have transitioned from online sensation to bonafide pop star. Some of his hits include “Treat You Better”, “Stitches”, and “If I Can’t Have You”. he has released four studio albums so far and has won numerous awards.

Daryl Hall and John Oates

Unlike most singers on this list, the duo Daryl Hall and John Oates have been around since the 1970s, which means they have been active since Taylor became a household name in guitar manufacturing. They are still active in the music industry and always perform with their instruments. 

Both Hall and Oates have played numerous Taylor guitars throughout their careers. The Taylor guitars used in their performances and recordings include the 912C, Baby Taylor, and 614CE Grand Auditorium. They have also played the 555, SB-X, and NS74CE occasionally. 

Daryl Hall and John Oates met in the late 1960s and created a musical duo in 1970, making pop and pop rock music. Some of their hits include “You Make My Dreams”, “Private Eyes”, and “Maneater”. They are still active and in the process of creating another album. They have won several awards throughout their decades-old career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Taylor Guitars So Popular?

Taylor guitars are well known for their high-quality design and build. Additionally, they have become popular for their continuous innovations with the materials and technology used for acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars.

As a result of their innovations, Taylor guitars have a more modern sound. Moreover, they are comfortable and easy to play, so they are suitable for all skill levels.

Are Taylor Guitars Expensive?

Taylor guitars offer a wide range of acoustic, electro-acoustic, and electric guitars. As one of the largest producers of guitars in the states, Taylor has made sure to include guitars of all types and price points to target as many guitarists as possible.

Some high-end Taylor guitars can be quite expensive, in the $5000-$10,000 range. However, most Taylor guitars are cheaper than $5000. Depending on your preferences, you may find some even cheaper than $1000.

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