25 Easy Taylor Swift Songs on Guitar (With Tabs + Videos)

Taylor Swift Guitar Songs

Nobody can argue with the fact that Taylor Swift is a force of nature.

Almost 80 of her songs have charted the Billboard Hot 100 as of 2023. Because of this, it might be hard to pick the best song to practice on. Luckily, I did the research so you don’t have to.

These are 25 easy Taylor Swift songs on guitar.

I promise that anyone can learn how to play each track on this list, so let’s get to it!

“Love Story”

We begin our list with the song that has the most distinct guitar opening!

Recorded in March 2008, “Love Story” quickly reached number one on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs. Moreover, the music video got dubbed Video of the Year by CMT Music Awards.

It’s about two star-crossed lovers who want to escape their families.

Though the song seems written by an immature teen, I love it because it’s one of the OG Taylor Swift tracks. Back then, her music was more bare-bones, which makes it easy to play.

“Love Story” is still as catchy as when I first heard it years ago!

ChordsC, G, Am, F
Type of GuitarAcoustic
TabsLove Story Tabs

“You Belong With Me”

I didn’t pick this song because I played it in the shower while crying my heart out. It’s here because it beat Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” at the 2009 MTV Awards!

If you remember, that was when a drunk Kanye West stormed onto the stage to interrupt Tay Tay’s speech.

The resulting drama fueled Taylor Swift’s career, for better or for worse.

“You Belong With Me” became the most-heard radio song in the US in 2009. It’s the first country track that achieved this feat since 1990.

For those who want to try playing a whimsical song about unrequited love, this one’s for you.

ChordsG, D Em, C
Type of GuitarAcoustic
TabsYou Belong With Me Tabs

“Teardrops on My Guitar”

You know a song is good when it charts the Hot 100 twice!

“Teardrops on My Guitar” is Taylor Swift’s second single. It stayed on the billboard for 48 weeks back in 2007. Its remix would also achieve the same result.

It was also named Song of the Year at the 2008 BMI Country Awards.

This song is one of my favorites because it captures the essence of a first heartbreak!

Side note, the man who inspired this song got arrested for child abuse. Do what you will with that bit of information.

GenreCountry Pop
ChordsG, Em, C, D
Type of GuitarAcoustic
TabsTeardrops on My Guitar Tabs

“White Horse”

If your partner’s listening to “White Horse”, you need to figure out if you did something wrong. Better yet, get her a bouquet.

This song is the epitome of vulnerability. It talks about that shattering moment when you realize you’re not going to end up with someone.

The track is emotional, which is why it didn’t surprise anyone when it won Best Country Song at the 2010 Grammys.

“White Horse” was also featured in the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy in 2008.

When playing it on the guitar, you’ll find that the strumming pattern is simple. This makes the song easy for beginners.

ChordsC, Am, F, G
Type of GuitarAcoustic
TabsWhite Horse Tabs


There’s a sad story behind “Fifteen.” It recounts how our friendships form in school, and how these relationships affect us.

According to Taylor, it brought her extreme pain when her best friend, Abigail, got her heart broken in 9th grade. This raw emotion is what inspired the song.

What’s amazing is the real Abigail Aderson appears in the music video!

Taylor Swift would later perform this song together with Miley Cyrus at the 2009 Grammys. This is also the song she sang with her idol, James Taylor, at Madison Square Garden in 2011.

GenreCountry Pop
ChordsG, C, Em, D
Type of GuitarAcoustic
TabsFifteen Tabs

“Our Song”

Capturing happiness is a challenge, but Taylor Swift did it with “Our Song.”

The tune is upbeat, and the lyrics are almost poetic. It’s about little moments of bliss within Taylor’s relationship with Drew Dunlop.

When she played it for her ninth-grade talent show, Taylor knew that her schoolmates liked the melody. However, she never imagined that it would get recorded and published one day!

Learning to play this song with a guitar is fun. You can do the basic or the intermediate strumming pattern depending on your experience.

ChordsD, Em, G, A
Type of GuitarElectric
TabsOur Song Tabs


There’s one fact you might have forgotten about “Mine.” The track leaked two weeks earlier than its supposed release date. The incident made Taylor Swift cry because it was out of her comfort zone!

“Mine” connects with Glee in a few instances.

According to Insider, Cory Monteith was the inspiration for the song. The two dated briefly around the time the song came out.

Moreover, Naya Rivera, who played Santana Lopez, performed it in an episode titled “The Break Up.”

The song still gives me chills when I remember that both of those Glee actors have passed.

ChordsG, D, C, Em
Type of GuitarAcoustic
TabsMine Tabs


“Mean”, a.k.a., the best carpool karaoke song, is a jab at Taylor’s critics.

The song is a little bit petty. T-Swift herself admits that she didn’t take criticism well at that time. Eventually, she would learn how to “Shake It Off,” but that’s for later.

“Mean” teaches us that no matter what you do, people will always say nasty stuff about you. You can’t control everyone, but you can learn how to react.

Taylor Swift would later win two Grammys for this revenge song. She even changed the lyrics to “Someday I’ll be singing this at the Grammys!”

ChordsD, G, Bm, A
Type of GuitarAcoustic
TabsMean Tabs

“Back to December”

Miss Americana usually writes songs about her high-profile splits. This one tells of her separation from Taylor Lautner.

“Back to December” is different from her other break-up anthems. It was the first time she ever apologized to an ex.

There’s so much regret in the lyrics that it shows Taylor Swift in a new light. The song is open and honest. It’s why this title stands out to me.

If you’re the type to savor a painful song, you might want to pick this one for your next guitar session!

ChordsD, A, Em, G
Type of GuitarElectric
TabsBack to December Tabs

“Safe & Sound”

Maybe it’s because of the melancholic vibe, or maybe because it got written for one of my favorite movies.

Whatever the case, if I had to pick the ultimate Taylor Swift song, it would be this one!

“Safe & Sound” is a lullaby that debuted at the top of the Billboard 200 chart. It also won Best Song For Visual Media at the Grammys in 2013.

Fans also rejoiced when the “Safe & Sound “Taylor’s Version)” got released at her Eras Tour launch.

Sadly, it didn’t end well for Swift’s co-songwriters. The Civil Wars split in 2014.

ChordsAm, C, G, F
Type of GuitarAcoustic
TabsSafe & Sound Tabs

“Begin Again”

On September 25, 2012, “Begin Again” got released on iTunes. It then proceeded to dethrone “Gangnam Style” from the number one spot within a week.

The song tells of budding relationships after a breakup. There are also details within the lyrics that sets a hopeful tone.

Swifties like the fact that Taylor sings “I do” as if she were at a wedding. Many say that listening to the song feels like they’re looking forward to new love.

“Begin Again” might be more challenging to learn than the other titles on this list. Yet, it’s worth giving it a go!

ChordsC, G, Am, F
Type of GuitarAcoustic
TabsBegin Again Tabs


“Red” is Taylor’s first step out of her comfort zone.

Instead of working with Nathan Chapman as she always did, this time she sought other collaborators. The resulting masterpiece is different from her usual sounds!

The song uses colors to describe figurative subjects. This is brilliant because emotions are intense, which makes them hard to put into words.

Some sources say that this track is about her relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal. However, my favorite theory is that it’s inspired by her ex, John Meyer.

If you didn’t know, John Meyer has synesthesia, which lets him see music as colors!

ChordsG, D, Am, C
Type of GuitarAcoustic
TabsRed Tabs

“I Knew You Were Trouble”

Anyone who says they weren’t anticipating a song about the Swift-Styles breakup is lying.

Taylor’s songs provide insight, albeit one-sided, into what the relationship was like. “I Knew You Were Trouble” didn’t disappoint in this department.

To add fuel to the fire, Taylor performed this hit single at the 2012 Brit Awards. Harry Styles was standing near the stage at that time.

The timing is nothing short of pure genius, in my opinion.

“I Knew You Were Trouble” is the perfect clap back to an ex. Adding this song to your repertoire might come in handy one day.

GenrePop Rock
ChordsD, A, C, G
Type of GuitarElectric
TabsI Knew You Were Trouble Tabs

“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”

When Taylor Swift broke up with an ex who belittled her music, she wanted retribution.

She wrote “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” with a mission. That was to drive him crazy with music so good that it would get played on the radio 24/7.

The song brought plenty of recognition to Swift.

A chunk of her titles have landed on the Billboard charts. However, this one was the first to reach number one on the Hot 100!

This song remains timeless because of the confidence and finality of its delivery.

GenrePop Rock
ChordsG, C, Em, D
Type of GuitarAcoustic
TabsWe Are Never Getting Back Together Tabs

“Everything Has Changed”

“Everything Has Changed” is about how your perspective of life refocuses when you fall in love. 

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran penned this track in the former’s LA home while they were jumping on trampolines.

The song is gut-wrenching for a lot of people.

Because the music video depicts two children, it reminds listeners of their childhood. Many ponder on the fact that their life has completely changed since then.

If you’d like to go down memory lane, consider playing this song on your guitar!

ChordsD, A, Em, G
Type of GuitarAcoustic
TabsEverything Has Changed Tabs


Do you know someone who’s turning 22 soon? If so, it’s time to pick your guitar up and practice this carefree song!

Taylor Swift wrote this coming-of-age song on her 22nd birthday. She dedicated it to her friends, Selena Gomez, Dianna Agron, Ashley Avignnone, and Claire Kislinger.

“22” is about the reckless joy of being young enough to be clueless about life. Yet, you’re also old enough to start planning ahead.

To add to this, you’ll realize that “22” is a cultural phenomenon if you look at what people comment on the music video.

Many say that they listened to the song as kids, and were happy that they finally got to sing it on their 22nd birthday.

GenreDance Pop
ChordsG, D, C
Type of GuitarElectric/Acoustic
Tabs22 Tabs

“Blank Space”

What do you do when the media is portraying you as a crazy serial dater? You write a song about Starbucks lovers, of course!

Kidding aside, in “Blank Space,” Taylor Swift took misconceptions about her, and let them run wild. Her inspiration for the song was a nightmarish woman who collects men.

According to Swift, it was the total opposite of her life. However, she doesn’t care if people believed she was crazy!

In 2014, “Blank Space” replaced T-Swift’s “Shake It Off” at the top of the Billboard Hot 100. This makes her the first woman to be her own successor at number 1.

ChordsAm, C, G, F
Type of GuitarAcoustic
TabsBlank Space Tabs

“Shake It Off”

As a teenager, Taylor Swift often came home feeling down because someone had criticized her. Her mom would find ways to console her. Music proved effective for this.

When “Shake It Off” came out, it was as if the song was a culmination of all those times. It’s about letting go of negativity. It doesn’t matter what others think about you!

Unfortunately, in 2017, Taylor Swift got sued for the alleged plagiarism of another song. Although the claim got dismissed by the judge, it would later come back through an appeal.

We can only hope that the case goes well.

In the meantime, you can enjoy making the “Shake It Off” chorus shine with a guitar!

GenreDance Pop
ChordsG, Am, C
Type of GuitarAcoustic
TabsShake It Off Tabs


Never has one of Swift’s songs been so blatantly about someone. If you haven’t guessed it yet, this one is about Harry Styles.

According to E News, the brief relationship between the two icons inspired Taylor Swift to write eight songs. “Style” stands out from the rest because it’s Taylor’s secret favorite.

In December 2015, “Style” got certified triple platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. BMI also awarded Taylor Swift with the Songwriter of the Year award for penning this song.

With all those awards, rest assured, you’ll never go out of style if you play this with your guitar!

ChordsAm, C, G, F
Type of GuitarElectric
TabsStyle Tabs

“Wildest Dreams”

“Wildest Dreams” is one of the most intoxicating T-Swift songs out there. It’s about living in a memory, a place where there are no relationship problems.

The track is nostalgic, glamorous, and painful.

Fun fact, Taylor Swift used a recording of her heartbeat to add to the percussion in the background. Doing this marks “Wildest Dreams” as her creation.

However, despite all the good things about this song, “Wildest Dreams” got slammed for having a racist music video.

This is because they filmed it in Africa, but there were no African people in sight!

ChordsC, Em, D
Type of GuitarAcoustic
TabsWildest Dreams Tabs

“Out of the Woods”

Have you ever been in a relationship that feels like it could end at any time?

“Out of the Woods” is about this same fragility.

Released on October 14, 2014, the track describes Taylor Swift’s volatile romance with Harry Styles.

This song is one of my top picks because T-Swift penned it using a different approach. Jack Antonoff made the melody, and Swift added the lyrics afterward.

The result is music that’s unique from Taylor’s other works!

You might want to try “Out of the Woods” because it uses 80’s elements, which partner well with electric guitars.

ChordsC, G, Am, F
Type of GuitarElectric
TabsOut of the Woods Tabs


“Delicate” is arguably the best soundtrack out of Taylor Swift’s 6th album, and here’s why.

It’s a song about vulnerability and hesitation. Yet, it somehow comes off as powerful. Swift gets real with her emotions in the lyrics, which was a surprise!

Taylor’s reputation got ruined after an incident with Kim Kardashian. In the song, she says that those who stay by her side must like her regardless of that.

In a way, this song transformed people’s opinions about Swift for the better. It’s a step toward new beginnings.

ChordsC, D, Em, G
Type of GuitarElectric
TabsDelicate Tabs


“Lover” is Taylor Swift’s ode to long-lasting love.

It’s a passionate ballad that got nominated for a Grammy, but Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” won in the end.

Even though Taylor didn’t win, we added “Lover” to this list because of the intimate storytelling. The song alludes to a wedding, even if there’s no mention of it in the lyrics.

Because of this, there’s no question that it’s one of Taylor’s most creative works!

I recommend this song to anyone who wants to learn guitar for a loved one.

ChordsG, D, D, Em
Type of GuitarAcoustic
TabsLover Tabs

“The Man”

We can’t make a Taylor Swift list without mentioning her advocacies!

Many don’t realize that she’s highly involved with politics and feminism. “The Man” touches on the latter.

The song is all about shooting down toxic masculinity and double standards. Its message is that most of her negative experiences as an artist wouldn’t happen if she was a man.

As an added element of surprise, Swift plays the main role in the music video. Yet, you can’t tell it’s her!

She’s covered in makeup and her resemblance to her ex, Jake Gyllenhaal, is uncanny.

ChordsC, G, Am, F
Type of GuitarElectric
TabsThe Man Tabs


“Cardigan” is fitting as our last song because it feels like a hidden gem. There was no flashy lead-up to its release. It’s simply there for fans to stumble upon.

This song is one out of three tracks that tell a single story. “Cardigan” in particular, is from the point of view of one of the characters.

Other tracks in the same album also have easter eggs, so fans can piece the story together.

“Cardigan” is on this list because aside from being easy to play on a guitar, it’s also like a puzzle. One that I’m sure you’ll have fun deciphering!

GenreIndie Rock
ChordsEm, D, G, C
Type of GuitarAcoustic
TabsCardigan Tabs

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