What Guitar Does Wilbur Soot Use?

What Guitar Does Wilbur Soot Use

Wilbur soot is a part of the new generation of celebrities making a name by leveraging the internet. This particular Indie Pop artist is a multi-instrumentalist, playing the ukulele, bass, piano, and, most notably, the electric guitar. In fact, Wilbur Soot has played various electric guitars over the past two years of music.

Wilbur Soot’s main guitars are the Fender Player Telecaster and the Simon and Patrick Woodland CW Spruce A3T, although he plays other guitars occasionally. The Telecaster is an electric guitar, and Simon and Patrick is an acoustic guitar with electric features, both of which sound incredibly crisp.

Since starting his rock band Lovejoy in 2021, Wilbur Soot has reportedly played a minimum of six types of guitars in his musical career. If you’d like to learn about each guitar and some more about Wilbur Soot, keep reading!

Wilbur Soot: Who Is Wilbur Soot?

Wilbur Soot was born William Patrick Spencer Gold. He is a young British man who first gained popularity on the video platform YouTube as a Twitch streamer and a comedian. 

He originally began making comedy videos for a channel called SootHouse that he both acted in and directed before moving on to recording his own songs and creating his band Lovejoy. The band has a bassist, a drummer, a lead guitarist, and Wilbur Soot (vocals and rhythm guitar).

Soot’s first single before the creation of Lovejoy was The Nice Guy Ballad which he released on YouTube in January 2018. He went on to write numerous singles, including the following:

  • I Am Very Smart
  • Maybe I Was Boring
  • Karen, Please Come Back I Miss the Kids
  • I’m In Love With An E-Girl
  • The Internet Ruined Me
  • Your New Boyfriend
  • Soft Boy

While he released all of these between 2019 and 2022, Soot began Lovejoy with his friend Joe Goldsmith in 2021. As a group, Lovejoy released the EPs Are You Alright and Pebble Brain, along with numerous singles.

Soot’s singles have reached the UK Indie Chart, the Irish Singles Chart, Billboard’s Emerging Artists Chart, and the Rolling Stone’s Top Breakthrough Chart, all as a solo artist. 

As a band, Lovejoy reached number ten on Billboard’s Emerging Artists Chart with their first EP Are you Alright? and number twelve on the UK Albums Chart with Pebble Brain. Additionally, their first single, Call Me What You Like, reached number thirty-two on the UK Singles Chart.

Wilbur Soot is relatively new to the music industry, so he’ll likely expand his instrument collection. The majority of his guitars are made by some of the biggest brands, including Ibanez, Epiphone, and Gibson. He also has multiple Fender guitars.

6 Guitars That Wilbur Soot Plays

Wilbur Soot has played a few notable guitars, with the Fender Player Telecaster being his most popular choice. He also uses the S&P Woodland Spruce A3T, the Ibanez SR500, the Epiphone Emperor Swingster, and the Gibson Generation Collection G-Writer guitar. Let’s explore these awesome, reliable guitars in more detail. 

Guitar #1: Fender Player Telecaster

The Fender Player Telecaster is a versatile guitar that is perfect for beginners and experienced guitar players alike. Made by Fender and released in 2018, the Telecaster or ‘Tele’ is simple and wicked cool, with a solid body and incredible sound. It also has a sister guitar– the Esquire. 

The Tele is a great guitar for traditional country music because of its crisp, twangy tones, but many artists use the Fender Telecaster across multiple genres of music. It is reliable, intuitive, and looks great on camera, especially when Soot’s playing it. The maple fingerboard gives the guitar a bright look, and the single-coil pickups offer a powerful tune.

It may not seem particularly important that the fingerboard is made of maple, but the materials used to make different guitars play a huge part in how that instrument sounds overall. Maple has compact grains and pores, which help to absorb the overtones and create a brighter tune. For more information on the best guitar woods, you can check this article out.

Wilbur Soot has played the Fender Telecaster in many of his appearances, from Your New Boyfriend to It’s Golden Hour Somewhere. This guitar seems to be one of Soot’s favorites and the one he most commonly uses; it is also seen in I’m In Love With An E-Girl and Lovejoy’s Taunt. 

Soot’s Fender Telecaster is turquoise blue and white. It has a C-shaped neck for comfortable playing, and it is an inexpensive instrument that is much more affordable than some of the fancier electric guitars on the market. 

It is made primarily in Mexico in the Mexican Fender Factory, but other countries such as China, America, and Japan also make Fender guitars. Soot has also reportedly played the Fender Telecaster in Butterscotch Blonde.

Guitar #2: Simon and Patrick Woodland CW Spruce A3T

The Simon and Patrick Woodland CW Spruce A3T sounds sharp and bright due to the Spruce top. This is an incredible electric acoustic instrument and Wilbur Soot has used it in various songs and music videos so far. 

The Woodland Spruce is an electric acoustic made by the Canadian company Simon and Patrick. It has a Rosewood fingerboard and Red Wild Cherry sides. These materials allow the instrument to land in the middle to high range through solid wood and steel strings. 

This is a relatively inexpensive guitar because the materials to make it are readily available, and it seems to be Soot’s go-to acoustic, as well. He can be seen playing it in the live version of his song Your New Boyfriend, as well as various acoustic sets he’s done with his bandmates, such as the one seen in the YouTube video below:

Additionally, he plays this guitar in his first music video, “The Nice Guy Ballad,”. This, along with the Tele, are Wilbur’s main guitars and they’re reliable and respectable instruments for a fairly new guitarist such as himself.

Here’s a quick clip of him playing The Nice Guy Ballad with this guitar:

However, it’s fairly common for musicians to prefer playing one or two types of guitars instead of constantly switching them throughout their sets. 

This instrument closely resembles the Gibson guitar that Soot has played, which we’ll talk about later in the article.

The remainder of the guitars on this list are ones Soot has been seen using or working with on various occasions, but does not play regularly. 

Guitar #3: Ibanez SR500

Ibanez SR500E

The Ibanez SR500E bass is a high-quality instrument with a sleek, modern design. With its versatile Bartolini pickups, lightweight mahogany body, and slim 5-piece neck, it offers rich, dynamic sound and comfortable playability, making it a great choice for bass players of all genres.

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The Ibanez is one of the 24-fret bass guitars Soot has dabbled with over his musical career. The SR500 is a beautiful, chocolate-brown electric bass that hosts a walnut neck, rosewood fingerboard, and an Okoume body— making this instrument beautiful to look at and even nicer to play.

The SR500 has a detachable neck; this feature makes it easy to swap the neck for a different one if the original gets damaged. It is also built with Bartolini BH2 pickups which are considered humbucker pick-ups. Strong humbucker pick-ups grab the electric signal transmitted by the vibration of the strings more aggressively, which, in turn, creates more gain and attack when playing quickly. They are made of double-wound metal.

This is why the Ibanez SR500 is an awesome electric bass for rock and metal music, and Lovejoy’s punchy tunes sound extra angst with this smooth, high-gain instrument. Soot is seen playing the Ibanez SR500 in his cover of Fake Tales of San Francisco by Arctic Monkeys in this video:

It also has custom EQ (or equalizer) control. These controls help to level out the frequencies and provide tonal control. This comes in the form of an EQ bypass switch and a mid-frequency switch.

Guitar #4: Fender Player Precision Bass

Fender Player Precision Bass

The Fender Player Precision Bass is a classic instrument with a sleek, modern design. With its split-coil pickup, alder body, and maple neck, it offers rich, punchy sound and comfortable playability, making it a great choice for bass players in any genre.

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The Fender Player Precision Bass is almost identical to the Fender Telecaster that Wilbur Soot plays, so it is easy to miss. It boasts a split-coil middle pickup and an Alder body with a gloss finish, making it an awesome-looking guitar to play on stage.

The Alder wood also helps the sounds resonate, since this type of wood has closed pores and thus does not absorb the guitar’s sound. It offers tones that suit blues and rock n’ roll music. Alder wood is also lighter than other types of wood, but the Fender Precision Bass guitar is still comparatively heavier than some other bass instruments.

This bass guitar also has a four-saddle bridge– excellent for enhancing the stability and precision of the instrument’s tuning mechanisms– as well as open gear tuning, giving this guitar the best tuning capabilities possible. It’s a slick, attractive bass guitar that suits Wilbur Soot’s musical persona nicely. 

Unfortunately, there are not many videos of Soot playing his Precision Bass online. However, there are lots of pictures of him rocking it on old live streams. One live stream on Pinterest can be found here.

Various artists enjoy using the Fender Precision Bass including Motown’s James Jamerson, Sting, and Paul Simon.

Guitar #5: Epiphone Emperor Swingster

Epiphone Emperor Swingster

The Epiphone Emperor Swingster is a unique hollowbody electric guitar with a Bigsby tremolo and SwingBucker pickups. With its vintage-style sound and stunning design, it's a great choice for jazz, rockabilly, and other styles that demand both style and substance.

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The Epiphone Emperor Swingster is a unique, wide-end electric guitar and Soot’s is the color of a burning sunset. It’s an inexpensive version of the Epiphone Dot, a famous guitar used to play music from artists such as B.B. King, Freddie King, Eric Clapton, and Dave Grohl. Perhaps needless to say, the Epiphone Swingster is great for rock n’ roll, blues, jazz, and country music.

It’s also partially designed with the Emperor Regent in mind, which is a single humbucker, hollow body Spruce top guitar made in Korea that looks very similar to the Swingster.

Although Soot has reportedly played the Epiphone Swingster in the past, this is not one of his well-used guitars and most videos of him playing it have been removed from the web. 

Still, it is no wonder that he’s owned and used it in the past. It’s got a lovely, wide maple body, a mahogany neck, and an Indian Laurel fretboard, and its hollow build creates rounded tones.

On top of that, the Swingster has two Epiphone Swingbucker pickups. These pickups are uniquely designed for the player to switch between single coil and humbucker pickups with two push and pull knobs on the toner. 

Guitar #6: Gibson Generation Collection G-Writer

Gibson Acoustic G-Writer EC

Handmade in the USA, G series acoustic guitars pack all the classic Gibson tone, feel, and playability you would expect from a company long regarded as a world leader in acoustic instruments.

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The Generation series by Gibson is a heavy-duty, reliable, roadworthy build and Wilbur Soot uses the G-Writer during some past live performances. For example, he is pictured during his first official performance playing alongside Lovejoy with the Gibson Generation Collection G-Writer electric acoustic in the background. 

In that instance, he was reportedly playing the Gibson instead of his Simon and Patrick due to damage to the latter guitar. This beauty is crafted in the United States and is described as a fun, easy, and wholesome instrument to play. It has a square shoulder which helps create a range of sounds and is a perfect guitar for Wilbur Soot’s folk songs. 

The G-Writer has a Gibson Player Port, which maximizes the sound quality to give you the same experience that your audience is getting. It’s a unique creation by Gibson that was first established in the 1960s, only growing in quality and with modern technology. This is a pricier instrument, but well worth the money.


Below are a few frequently asked questions in relation to Wilbur Soot and his guitar-playing skills; this section will also offer quick responses to what kind of guitars Wilbur Soot enjoys playing in both his singles and with his band.

What Instrument Does Wilbur Soot Play?

Wilbur Soot is primarily a guitarist, so he plays both acoustic and electric guitars. He also plays bass guitar. Otherwise, Soot has played the ukulele, the kazoo, and the piano. Additionally, Wilbur is the lead vocalist of Lovejoy and has a truly unique singing voice. All of these instruments can be found in various songs produced by the band.

What Is Wilbur Soot’s Electric Guitar?

The electric guitar that Wilbur Soot plays is the Fender Player Telecaster, otherwise known as the Tele. He also plays the electric bass guitar, the Ibanez SR500. These are the two most common electric guitars that Soot is seen playing in his videos. In addition to those, Soot has been seen playing the Fender Precision Bass which is another electric bass guitar.

Is Wilbur Soot Good at Guitar?

Wilbur Soot is quite good at guitar. Although he only started learning how to play this instrument in 2018, he showed commitment and dedication during the pandemic by practicing upwards of ten hours a day! Wilbur Soot was 21 years old when he first began playing, and his motivation helped him succeed immensely over the short time he has dabbled in music.

Who Plays the Electric Guitar in Lovejoy?

There are two guitarists in Lovejoy. Wilbur Soot is the rhythm guitarist, playing on the Fender Telecaster. The second guitarist is Joe Goldsmith, and he plays on the Fender Jazzmaster as well as the Sigma GMC. Joe Goldsmith is the lead guitarist of the band. Wilbur Soot also switches between electric guitar and acoustic guitar, both of which mix with Joe Goldsmith.

What Acoustic Guitar Does Wilbur Soot Use?

Wilbur Soot uses the Simon and Patrick Woodland CW Spruce A3T, which is a lovely square-shouldered electric acoustic guitar that he has been seen using in various music videos and live performances. On occasion, Soot has also used the Gibson Generation G-Writer instrument.

What Guitar Does Wilbur Soot Use in the Jubilee Line?

In Jubilee Line, Wilbur Soot is using the Simon and Patrick Woodland CW Spruce A3T, one of his regular electric acoustic guitars. This guitar is perfect for Jubilee Line because the song is a soft, finger-picking tune, and Soot’s voice combined with the full tones of the Simon and Patrick guitar makes for a lovely song.

What Type of Musician Is Wilbur Soot? 

Wilbur Soot plays rock and pop, a lot of which he’s produced on YouTube. He also uploads a lot of music to Twitch, the popular streaming service. His combination of modern electronic sounds mixed with old-school rock make him one of the most unique musicians you’ll come across.

What Guitar Strap Does Wilbur Soot Use? 

Wilbur Soot usually uses a Levy’s Leathers M7GG3-BLK Garment Guitar Strap.

Like most guitarists, he likely switches between numerous guitar straps based on the instrument, guitar style, and so on. Furthermore, he also plays ukuleles that use stock straps. He also plays ukulele without a strap in many performances.


Wilbur Soot primarily uses the Fender Player Telecaster and the Simon and Patrick Woodland Spruce electric acoustic guitar. He can be seen in most of his music videos, along with videos of him on his band Lovejoy’s YouTube channel, playing on one of these instruments. 

Soot decided to learn how to play when he was in his early twenties. He and his band create catchy, indie rock tunes that are quickly gaining traction around the United Kingdom. 

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