Best D’Angelico Guitars: Review & Buyer’s Guide

Best DAngelico Guitars Review

So you’re searching for a guitar. Whether it be electric, acoustic, or bass, this buyer’s guide has the best D’Angelico guitars.

It’s time to recognize D’Angelico as market leaders. These guitars perform to a level that rivals big hitters like Gibson and Fender.

So why are they the crème de la crème? And which one’s perfect for you?

In this guide, we’ll review 10 of the best D’Angelico guitars on the market. For each guitar we’ll look at factors such as build quality, performance, value, and more to help you decide which is the best guitar for you.

Let’s get started!

The 10 Best D’Angelico Guitars Reviewed:

D‘Angelico Premier Mini DC – Best D’Angelico Guitar Overall

Best Overall
D'Angelico Premier Mini DC

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Let’s kick off with one of the newer designs—the Premier Mini DC. Are you a fan of semi-hollow-bodied guitars? This guitar could change everything!

At a glance, it’ll strike you as a classy instrument. In fact, the Mini DC will transfix. Inspecting every inch you’ll conclude—the Mini DC is a special instrument.

The headstock will draw attention. Bold and angular, it illustrates the invention that goes into D’Angelico guitars. With the Stairstep Imperial tuners, you’ll have solid tuning stability and unique visuals.

Construction quality and the sheer beauty of this guitar make it primed for the stage. But it also offers supreme playability. When you step in front of an audience, the ergonomics of the undersized body will help you play to your best. The sleek and curved double-cutaway body allows for high-register access.

If you love the idea of a semi-hollow guitar, but without the bulky design—here’s the solution. Combined with the slim-taper C-profile neck the comfort equates to peak performance.

At an upper mid-tier price range, you’re getting serious value for money.

The late great Chester Bennington was a player of the Mini DC. This goes to show the capabilities of this guitar.

With Seymour Duncan pickups in both neck and bridge position, you’ll have prime delivery. The SH-2n Jazz and SH-4 JB Humbuckers offer tonal variety with full-bodied definition.

So it ticks all the boxes. The joys of the Premier Mini DC should be exclusive for all. This is the only gripe. It’s a shame there isn’t a run of stock for left-handers.

But if you’re right-handed —rejoice. For jazz to high gain rock, and everything in between the Premier Mini DC is a premier pick.


  • Heightened playability
  • Locking tuners for tuning stability
  • Semi-hollow body with reduced size
  • USA Seymour Duncan pickups (SH-2n Jazz & SH-4 JB)
  • Material list: Maple body and neck with ovangkol fingerboard


  • No left-handed version

D‘Angelico Excel Mini DC – Upgrade Pick

Upgrade Pick
D'Angelico Excel Mini DC

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The Excel line is an upgrade on Premier models. Hard to believe it gets better, but it does. It offers all the same playability benefits of the reduced-size semi-hollow body and more. Let’s examine what you get.

Pickups are the heartbeat of the guitar that amplify your tone. Featuring the top of the range Seymour Duncan 59 humbuckers. They’re an upgrade, even on the overall pick.

These PAF (Patent Applied For) humbuckers are a throwback to the Gibson designs of the 50s. The origin of the term ‘Patent Applied For’ came from Gibson. They felt these pickups were the dawn of a new era in guitar electronics.

They’ll throw out the same 50s classic PAF tone, but with the benefits of modern construction. Vintage output, warm mid-range, intricate and sweet in the top end. They are the perfect option for the blues and rock n roll.

When you’re paying shy of $2,000 for a guitar, it’s a surprise to see laminates on the spec list. The Excel has a laminated spruce top and laminated maple body.

This is quite common on high-priced electrics. While this may be of concern for acoustics, laminates don’t kill the sound of electric guitars. So these laminate woods boost durability.

The price tag comes from the finer details. The fingerboard is ebony. You won’t meet a better tonewood for this purpose.

Inlays are of mother-of-pearl and abalone. The nut material is genuine bone as opposed to synthetic. So the upgrades are in the detail. Factor in the hard case and you can understand the price tag.

Premium playability and peak build quality, the Excel Mini DC has all the Premier offers and more. Without a doubt, it’s an upgrade. But whether it’s approx $1000 better than the D’Angelico Premier is another question.

The Excel Mini DC is a premium guitar for premium players. It’ll wrestle with the finest Gibsons and Fenders. If you have the budget, this guitar should be in your consideration.


  • Includes hardshell case
  • 2 x Seymour Duncan ‘59 Humbucker
  • Solid center block for tone and sustain
  • Gloss finish C profile neck with smooth fretboard playability
  • Material list: Laminated flame maple top, back, and sides, maple/walnut set neck, bound ebony fingerboard


  • Affordability and performance balance compared to Best Overall pick

D‘Angelico Excel EXL-1 – Best Hollowbody

Best Hollowbody
D'Angelico Excel EXL-1 Throwback

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In New York’s Little Italy, D’Angelico’s first shop opened its doors in 1932. In the late 30s, when production was thriving, there were only 35 instruments made per year. Quality over quantity was an ethos at the core of John D’Angelico’s empire.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could own a 30s D’Angelico? Here’s the next best thing. The Excel EXL-1 is a throwback to one of those very 1930s archtop designs. With a spirited mystique, it’ll transform you back to the Little Italy workshop.

Its big and beautiful spruce-on-maple hollow-body offers acoustic response and sustain. It bellows so much you can play it as an acoustic or electric. Either way, you’ll encounter the warmth and precision of tone.

When paired with an amp, the Seymour Duncan Johnny Smith Humbucker kicks a major league tone. An icon from the golden age of jazz, Johnny Smith is the inspiration for the humbucker.

Mellow with an authoritative plucky attack, it’s a voice that translates. Whether you’re playing chords or riffs the old-school jazz vibe will charm the pickiest players.

There’s so much to tell, every detail is worth highlighting with its Art Deco demeanor. Full fret inlays, the scroll headstock, the shapely f-holes, the hex dials, and much more. Iconic Stairstep machine heads offer tune stability and pleasing aesthetics. The Stairstep tailpiece sets it further away from the norm.

This is a jazz box, so you won’t find hordes of tonal variation. It’s not for the modern guitarist who likes bells and whistles. If you want versatility, look elsewhere. And if colossal bodies aren’t your thing, you’ll struggle.


If you believe guitar tones should sound like they belong on a vinyl record, this guitar is a leader. With alluring aesthetics, durable construction, and prime playability, it’s a perfect guitar for the archtop lover. For all things jazz and blues, this is a pro pick!


  • Old-school jazz and bluesy tone
  • Quality of art déco appointments
  • Tribute to the John D’Angelico 1930s archtop design
  • Floating Seymour Duncan Johnny Smith Mini-Humbucker
  • Material list: laminated flamed maple body, laminated spruce top, maple/walnut neck, ebony fingerboard


  • Lack of tonal variety

D‘Angelico Premier SS – Best Value

Best Value
D'Angelico Premier SS

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Whether you buy a guitar for a few hundred or a thousand, you’ll want value for money. But a word of warning. If a guitar is cheap, that doesn’t result in value. There are some great cheap guitars. But they’re hard to find and often come with plenty of flaws.

What makes this D‘Angelico Premier SS such good value is it punches well above the price bracket. Priced below a thousand bucks, you’ll have your hands on a semi-hollow guitar that could be mistaken for a model double the price. 

An economical alternative to the Excel models, the Premier SS maintains D’Angelico quality. All the things you’ll love about the brand are present.

It has the Stairstep machine heads and unique headstock. The Stairstep tailpiece is optional, but when included, you’ll have all the iconic hallmarks of a D’Angelico.

Seymour Duncan has put their name on the humbuckers. Produced for guitars sub $800, the HB-101B pickups mirror the PAF designs of the 50s. These aren’t the USA-built finest humbuckers, but the Seymour Duncan design goes a long way. Versatility is key for these pickups. For players who demand variation, they handle the extremes of the tonal spectrum. Clean jazzy smoothness to high gain distortion, anything goes.

The semi-hollow maple body serves brightness with bite. With a sustain that allows you to hang on a note, it plays like a pro pick.

The Premier SS also plays like a pro. If you like to play fast, the comfortable C-shaped maple neck will match your need for speed.

There are areas where materials have kept the price low, the plastic nut being a case in point. But considering the price point, you’ll get value for money. This guitar has build-quality, playability, and a sound that’ll accommodate most genres.


  • Value for money
  • Identifiable D’Angelico appointments
  • Tonal versatility (Volume and tone dial for each pickup)
  • Material list: Laminated maple top and body, maple neck, ovangkol fingerboard
  • Seymour Duncan Designed HB-102N Humbucker on the neck, Seymour Duncan Designed HB-101B Humbucker on the bridge


  • Cheap plastic nut 

D’Angelico Excel SD – Best Bass Guitar

Best Bass Guitar
D'Angelico Excel SD

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But what about bass!? If you’re a bassist reading about all the perks of D’Angelico guitars, you might feel left out. So let’s introduce you to the Excel SD Bass. A D’Angelico to fill those lower frequencies a standard guitar won’t reach.

It’s a workhorse. For frequent use, the build quality will withstand road-heavy usage. When describing a bass as a workhorse and given the solid body, it points to a weighty instrument. This isn’t the case—-it’s lightweight. You can attribute this to the chambered solid body. The minimal weight helps relieve strain on the shoulder, so it’s ideal for prolonged playing.

So what about tone? With a soft attack and prolonged sustain, it’s an all-encompassed bass tone. The low end is full and rounded to fill a typical band setup. But the bite on the top end delivers clarity. This isn’t a muffled and muddy-sounding bass. 

Nor is it a genre-specific guitar. The tone will sound at home in everything from metal to jazz. With some careful amp and pedal selection, it’ll meet any requirements. Gliding from genre to genre, it’ll take to contrasting demands.

With an array of tonal nuances, it’s optimal for a session musician to morph from project to project. You’ll have a robust build quality which the sturdy hardshell case will protect when on the road. Then, with help from the slim satin necks, you can deliver. The Excel SD Bass is a premium powerhouse. 

Available in natural and gray-black finishes, they limit the options. It would be nice to see this fantastic bass have a more universal appeal.

The Excel SD Bass will satisfy the needs of a professional. Priced above $1,000, it’s not the cheapest bass on the market but you’re getting bang for your buck. The Excel SD has out-of-the-box low action and playability. Considering the durability, it’ll be a reliable staple in your collection for years.


  • Includes hardshell case
  • Tonal versatility with 3-way switch
  • Slim c-profile satin finish set-in neck
  • 2 x proprietary humbuckers on neck and bridge
  • Material list: Carved mahogany top, flame maple body, 2-piece mahogany maple neck, rosewood fingerboard


  • Limited color finishes

D‘Angelico Premier Lexington Acoustic – Best Under $300

Best Under $300
D'Angelico Premier Lexington LS

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Searching for an acoustic? For under $300, the D’Angelico Premier Lexington LS needs to be on your list.

Tonewoods are the core of an acoustic. Cheap acoustics usually cut corners with the most fundamental part of the guitar. Poor woods result in a lifeless tone. Even with hardware upgrades, if the woods aren’t up to scratch, it’ll be a thankless task.

So, the D’Angelico Premier Lexington LS is a surprise. They set solid foundations with quality tonewoods. All mahogany, you can expect little muddiness yet warmth and pure clarity. The pinpoint precision and bell-like chime of the Lexington means it won’t sound out of place in a pro mix. All this, at an affordable price point within the grasp of beginners.

Can it get any better? Let’s guide your attention to the D’Angelico DM-30 preamp. Not only is there a nucleus of quality tonewoods but also jack lead connectivity.

The preamp delivers a clear tone for on-stage use while maintaining acoustic character.

With a bold dreadnought shape, the Lexington LS will respond to all levels of strumming. As you pluck away, the satin finish is both elegant and pleasant to touch.

This guitar looks, sounds, and plays like a more expensive model. An area of concern is the plastic nut and saddle, but within the price bracket, you can’t have it all.

Priced under $300 this is a bargain. This is an entry-level price to the wonderful world of D’Angelico. For big percussive strumming, it’ll hold its own.


  • Affordability
  • D’Angelico MG-30 preamp with built-in tuner
  • The quality of tonewoods provides a warm and clear tone
  • Dreadnought shape and scalloped X-bracing for projection
  • Material list: Mahogany top, neck, back and sides, torrefied merbau fingerboard


  • Cheap plastic nut and saddle

D‘Angelico Excel 59 – Best with P-90 Pickups

Best with P-90 Pickups
D'Angelico Excel 59 Hollowbody

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If you’re looking for one of the best P90 guitars around, definitely consider the D’Angelico Excel 59.

P90s are variations of a single coil. Wound with more wiring, they have a higher output. An increased signal will drive your amplifier into overdrive. So if you want grit from your guitar. Look no further than a P90.

Doubled up, the two Seymour Duncan D’Angelico Great Dane P-90 pickups will bite. If it’s a classic rock-and-roll sound, you’re after, plug this guitar into a valve amp for a sizzling bark and bite. It’s a timeless tone, difficult to imitate with humbuckers or single-coils.

However, they’re not a one-trick pony Roll-off the volume and they clean up. P90s are a unique flavor, and the Great Danes do the P90 to perfection.

The timeless tone resonates from a guitar that warrants serious high praise. Big call, but you should regard the Excel 59 as a counterpart to the Gibsons ES-355. Yes—it’s that good.

Don’t expect a bolt-on neck. The neck-through joint will sustain and resonate. So what is a neck-through? The body and neck originate from the same piece of wood, a lack of joint ensures strings will vibrate to the max. It plays like a classic too, the ebony fretboard is silky smooth and the c-profile neck feels right. 

The finer details also enhance the playability. The tone and master volume dials are cupcake dials. Shaped like our favorite treat, they’re easy to dial and adapt tones fast. The chicken head pickup selector is chunky and has the feel of a true vintage knob.

Coming in at approx $2,000. This guitar is confirmation that you pay for what you get. While it seems a lot to outlay, you’re picking up a guitar that competes with a Gibson. So for pro players in search of a premium semi-hollow guitar, look no further. The unique looks and growling tone of the Excel 59 make it a top pick for innovators.


  • Classic P90 warmth and bite tone
  • Neck-through joint for sustain and resonance
  • Quality construction with top hardware and appointments
  • 2 x Seymour Duncan D’Angelico Great Dane P-90 pickups
  • Material list: Laminated spruce top, laminated flamed maple body, 3-piece maple/walnut neck, ebony fingerboard


  • Affordability

D‘Angelico Premier Brighton – Best Solid Body

Best Solid Body
D'Angelico Premier Brighton

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What if semi-hollow isn’t your thing? D’Angelico has you covered with their Premier Brighton.

Solid-bodied guitars invoke images of Telecasters and Les Pauls. While great guitars, what if you desire something different? A guitar that makes you stand out from the crowd and screams individuality.

If the Excel 59 is a vintage symbol of the past, the Premier Brighton reinvents the wheel and looks forward. With an incomparable body shape and scratchplate, it’s certain to raise eyebrows.

The shape is sleek and carved for added comfort: it fits like a glove. The deep cutaways ensure the fretboard has no bounds. You’ll riff without restrictions to put on the show of a lifetime.

Not only does it play well, but it sounds like a high-octane machine. Packed with two Seymour Duncan Designed humbuckers, you’ll revel in its tone.

The tuning stability and intonation will let you play to your full potential. The forceful tone will explode through PA speakers to wow audiences. 

So are there any complaints? There’s a gig bag included. But it isn’t a sturdy hardshell case. Considering the Premier Bright belongs on the stage, you’ll need to invest in a better case when hitting the road.

For intermediate to pro players, who are ready to innovate—-The Premier Brighton is your companion to push the buttons and put on a big show.


  • Innovative and unique design
  • 3-way switch and coil-splitting pots
  • Material list: Basswood body, maple neck, ovangkol fingerboard
  • Playability of body shape and deep cutaways for high fret access
  • Seymour Duncan Designed HB-102N Humbucker on the neck, Seymour Duncan Designed HB-101B Humbucker on the bridge


  • Gig back sturdiness

D‘Angelico EX 63 Acoustic – Best Acoustic

Best Acoustic
D'Angelico EX-63 Archtop

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You’ve seen an affordable D’Angelico acoustic. Let’s up the ante and dive into a premium option. The Open Box D’Angelico EX-63 Archtop is a guitar submerged in folklore. So what makes it significant?

The EX-63 is the last guitar John D’Angelico designed before he died. With such an illustrious history, you’ll own a huge part of the D’Angelico story. Produced for Italian-American singer Lou Monte, it was the first D’Angelico to feature a round soundhole. So, with Lou Monte spinning in the background. Let’s look at the D’Angelico EX-63.

By now you may have guessed this guitar is a throwback. If you’re after a unique-looking acoustic, then continue reading. The EX-63 is an archtop that’s a crossbreed, half jazz box, and half semi-hollow.

Unique in looks, the EX-63 delivers an eccentric and individual tone. For fingerpicking and lead parts, it’ll pop with a dynamism sure to entertain. When strummed, it has a resonant, full, and smokey characteristic. The high end is lucid and responds to your playing style.

With such a quirky design, you may think the body is detrimental to comfort. This isn’t the case, and it offers extraordinary playability. The ebony fingerboard is speedy, and the C-shape neck puts you in control of your playing.

Made in Korea, it might not have the US build quality but it competes with the best. The only area of improvement is that some reports suggest the odd EX-63 arrives with defects. But in the interest of fairness, it’s a rare occurrence.

This elegant guitar has all the iconic appointments that’ll stop you in your tracks. It functions like leading guitars in the archtop category. For folk, jazz, blues, country, the EX-63 will inspire with its dazzling tone and aura.


  • Unique archtop design
  • Iconic D’Angelico appointments 
  • Loud projection from scalloped X bracing 
  • Included: Sturdy hardshell case
  • Material list: Spruce top, maple back and sides, maple neck, ebony fingerboard


  • Albeit rare, some stock arrives with defects

D‘Angelico Premier Fulton – Best 12-String Acoustic

Best 12-String Acoustic
D'Angelico Premier Fulton

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If you’re a music creator, it’s difficult to get noticed. With 60,000 tracks uploaded to Spotify every day, you face stiff competition!

So why does this matter? If you’re a recording musician, a different coloration can change a mix and set you aside from the crowd. A 12-string can be what you need to add another dimension to a lifeless mix. So let’s talk about specifics and why the D’Angelico Premier Fulton could help.

First, this is an affordable 12-string acoustic. Few musicians use 12-strings for every song, it’s an option in your collection to use when needed. So, unless you’re wealthy, you don’t want to pay big bucks on something that isn’t for frequent use.

A bad 12 string isn’t fun to play and causes hand fatigue faster than a 6 string. Low action is a must. Out-of-the-box, the sweet action is ready for application. On the whole, the Premier Function has superior playability. 

Sculpted to fit the hand, the mahogany neck has a popular C-profile. Matching the contours of your palm, you’ll experience maneuverability along the neck. If you want a guitar to accommodate runs along the neck, the cutaway further expands playing capabilities.

Offering tonal warmth and glow, the Premier Fulton sings with a brightness that can only come from a 12-string. Larger than a dreadnought, the grand auditorium body resonates with distinction.

The onboard tuner D’Angelico preamp maintains its succulent tone when plugged in. It also has a built-in tuner. A handy feature for fast tuning, much needed with a 12-string. When engaged, it kills the output so you won’t broadcast your tuning skills. A slight discrepancy is that there’s no shutdown feature. So if you leave the tuner on, expect it to drain the battery.

For an alternative tonal variety when playing live or on record, the Premier Fulton will meet your demands. Its tone will sound at home, both strumming and fingerpicking. Most important of all, you needn’t break the bank!


  • Affordability
  • Playability of neck
  • D’Angelico pre-amp
  • Classic chiming 12-string tone
  • Material list: Solid Sitka Spruce top, laminated mahogany back and sides, mahogany neck, ovangkol fingerboard


  • No automatic shut down feature on the tuner

How to Choose The Best D’Angelico – Buying Guide

Build Quality

You’ll find so much written about the country of manufacture of a guitar. That’s because it’ll have a massive factor in the build quality.

Factories in the USA and Japan sit at the summit of top build quality. So, expect to pay upwards of $1,500 for the privilege. Why so expensive, you ask?

The selection of woods and drying processes is precise on these guitars. Workers in these countries are highly skilled luthiers. The focus is on quality rather than quantity, ensuring workers have further time to produce the best in quality. Often, these workers will sculpt intricate details by hand. It doesn’t end there. Upon completion, quality control will be strict.

At the other end of the spectrum, Chinese factories rely on speedy production. Labor costs are low to keep prices minimal and with a less skilled workforce, build quality suffers. This isnt always the case. Extensive research will yield some fantastic Chinese-made guitars.

Some D’Angelico guitars on this list are the product of Korea. Consider these the halfway house. Coveted brands like PRS and Martin use Korean factories and have a more skilled workforce and tighter quality control.


Sounds obvious, but the first thing to decide is acoustic or electric. You can then dive a little deeper.

If it’s an acoustic on your radar, you can then decide whether it’ll be 6 or 12 strings.

Acoustic guitars can feature a preamp. This will allow connectivity to an amplifier or PA system. So, if you’re hoping to play live, this is helpful for larger venues.

But, remember, you can have a preamp installed on any acoustic. If you’re besotted with a guitar, don’t be off-put by the lack of preamp. Take it into a shop to get one fitted. This is wise, the benefits being you can seek advice and fit a preamp to suit your style.

Electric guitars have more features to take into consideration. The pickups will refine your tone. There are three main pickup styles to choose from, single-coil, humbucker, and P90.

Single coils use a single magnet. A prime example being the Fender Telecaster. These are brighter than humbuckers or P90s, so they sound great across the genres. They don’t handle high-level distortion too well, thus not the best call for hard rock and metal.

Humbuckers are two single coils working in cohesion. These have a warmer tone and a higher output than single coils. If you want a variety of tones, look for humbuckers with coil split configuration. This enables you to turn the humbucker into a single-coil.

Last but not least, the P90. These are the midpoint between the two. Higher output than a single-coil, they also have tonal depth. For vintage tones suiting blues and rock they thrive.


Playability isn’t a one size fits all approach and there are variables. In simple terms, it relates to how comfortable the guitar is to play and the ease of use.

So what influenced playability?

The neck profile is a standout factor and can vary from brand to brand. D’Angelico favors the C-profile shape. This is common and is easy to wrap your hand around it.

Action is another thing to consider. Low action means players can apply less pressure on the strings to hit notes. Less pressure means less stress, so a minimized risk of hand fatigue. A more forgiving action invites better performance.

A service technician can customize many aspects to suit your needs. When sampling a guitar, compare how the neck feels in your hand. Decide what you feel most comfortable with.

When ordering online, you may not have the privilege of a trial run. Links on this article go to stores that have favorable return policies. So you can return your guitar if it doesn’t fit the bill.

Body Type

How the body looks will be the first and biggest deciding factor. D’Angelico guitars push boundaries with design, they’re perfect for players to stand out.

Whether you’re looking for an acoustic or electric, consider the dimensions. If you’re of a smaller build, a large body will be more difficult to play. A player of a bigger build will have fewer problems reaching over deep guitars.

D’Angelico has some great semi-hollow guitars in their catalog. Traditionally, semi-hollow guitars are larger than most. The bigger size makes them harder to play for some players. But thanks to the D’Angelico mini body, they’re universal. These designs offer the joys of semi-hollow guitars in a smaller size. The scaled-down size increases playability for smaller players.

Semi-hollow guitars are excellent for jazz, blues, and rock. They produce focus like solid bodies, but with acoustic qualities. For more sustained tones, solid bodies can be preferable.

With acoustics, as a general rule, the bigger the body the louder it’ll project. D’Angelico offers acoustics in many shapes and sizes. From the common dreadnought to the more traditional archtop.

All guitars have distinct qualities. It’s about finding one to suit your size and playing style. But don’t forget you’ll want it to look the part.


Whether buying anything from a car or a TV set. You get what you pay for, this saying translates to buying a guitar.

There’s a difference between a guitar priced at $300 and one at $3,000. Build quality, materials and tone will reflect the price. Cheap guitars won’t last, will need upgrading as your skill set grows.

That said, you can find diamonds in the rough. All the guitars listed have gone through scrupulous research. So whatever price you pay, by following this buyer’s guide you’ll get quality. Here’s the thing, creating music should be all-inclusive. So, whatever the budget—own it and go create!

Recap of the Best D’Angelico Guitars Review

Best D’Angelico GuitarsAward
D‘Angelico Premier Mini DCBest Overall
D‘Angelico Excel Mini DCUpgrade Pick
D‘Angelico Excel EXL-1Best Hollowbody
D‘Angelico Premier SSBest Value
D’Angelico Excel SDBest Bass Guitar
D‘Angelico Premier Lexington AcousticBest Under $300
D‘Angelico Excel 59Best with P-90 Pickups
D‘Angelico Premier BrightonBest Solid Body
D‘Angelico EX 63 AcousticBest Acoustic Guitar
D‘Angelico Premier FultonBest 12-String Acoustic


There we have it. The best D’Angelico guitars! This fantastic guitar manufacturer has it all. Regardless of budget, there’s a D’Angelico for everyone.

So which will it be?

I hope you now have some knowledge of the brand and the confidence to pick the right one for your needs.

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